I’ve got to give a shoutout to Alfred Thompson for this one. He recently shared it and it has been a pleasant provider of surprises for me ever since.

If you were to look out the front window at our place, you’d see a field of soy beans and cars buzzing by at supposedly 80km/h. If you looked out the back window, you’d see another field of soy beans. It’s so boring but a nice change from last year when you’d see fields of corn. Thank goodness for crop rotation!

The only time that it might get interesting is at sunset, given appropriate conditions.

Alfred’s recommendation was for WindowSwap. Here, people all over the world open their windows via web camera for all to enjoy.

Here’s a view from Hawaii!

How’s that for a change of view?

Well, I can’t speak for you but it’s certainly more interesting than soy beans.

In these days when we’re all doing a lot less travelling, this is a refreshingly different view of things. It’s been a great distraction here. I hope that you can enjoy it as well.

Thanks, Alfred.

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