Creature of habit

I’ll freely admit that I am that – certainly first thing in the morning.

At 4:44, I’m up and walking quietly down the hallway careful not to wake the dog. Into the kitchen where I start the coffee going and pour myself a bowl of cereal.

Coffee done, I grab it and the cereal and head to the rec room where I turn on the morning news. It’s now 5:00am. Beside my chair is my Chromebook and I open it to go to the Flipboard tab, refresh, and then I dig in for some morning reading. It was different this morning.

That was strange. Maybe I’m not connected. Nope, that’s not it. I was able to refresh another tab and it worked well. While my internet speeds typically tank when the rest of the world wakes up, it’s actually pretty good at this time of the day.

So, I do what any rational computer user would do; I refreshed the screen to get nothing. I clicked harder and it still doesn’t work. I feel a little silly because I know the dirty looks I’d be getting if others were watching.

A couple more times and then I decided to give up on Flipboard. I’d never run into this before. Over the time that I’ve used it, I’ve added many categories to it to give me a good look at the news. I actually have 256 categories which is pretty awesome if you’re a computer user.

I do have a couple of backup plans which I’m forced into using this morning. News360 it is. I typically use it just to feed me news about Chromebooks and Chrome OS so I just have those categories and a few morning.

Then, I flipped over to Google News. I use that even less frequently so have even fewer categories there. So, I did a category search from memory about what worked for me with Flipboard and I did get a few.

I did my typical reading until 6:00 at which point in time the other creature of habit was up and needed to go outside.

The whole thing did get me thinking later on. I do this every morning except for Friday and have done so for years. It was my way to stay in touch with things that I should know about. I’ve always been a devotee to the concept of shared learning and this is my humble way of contributing. I learn a great deal from the interactions that others have to the stories that I’ve read. It’s fodder for my Sunday post where I look back on the week of learning.

It was just so weird this morning and I have a real feeling of loss when things weren’t available for me.

Later in the morning … Flipboard is back up and running again. I’m that creature again.


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