What’s in a name?

If your name is “Douglas”, the answer is quite a bit this week.

As of Sunday afternoon as I write this, there are three very active weather systems that you can see from space.

  • Douglas
  • Hanna
  • D2L

You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for D2L as it’s not strong enough at this point to be named.

Of course, the one that I’m following and the one I’m sure everyone in Hawaii is as well is Hurricane Douglas. It’s even got its own hashtag if you want to follow it on Twitter. #HurricaneDouglas

At the current time, here’s what it looks like.

There is a bit of advice about hurricane tracking I noticed while checking out Douglas

If you’re a storm tracker or would like to be one, you can track storms like I did at this site in what they’re calling “near real time”.


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