Learning about hand sanitizer

or is it sanatizer? More on this later.

Until the past few months, I hadn’t given this a second thought. We don’t typically have hand sanitizer at home. If we happen to visit the hospital or a doctor’s office, there always seems to be a machine in the lobby. My nurse wife would always go over as a matter of routine and then nag at me to do the same. Truth be told, it does become a bit of a game.

As we all know, that game has changed over the past few months. Constant hand washing is good at home to keep hands clean but when you’re out and about, that just isn’t possible. Heck, just try finding a washroom that’s actually open these days.

We decided to get on board and, on a few grocery, Walmart, and drug store trips, had the noble intention of getting us some. It was more difficult to find than toilet paper! One grocery day when I wasn’t with her, I got an excited phone call from my wife – Sobey’s had just opened a box at her cash register and she grabbed a couple of bottles with the pump top for us. It was the intention to have them in the vehicle if we were out and about and touched something.

I tried it; it seemed creamy and I checked the label to see what the alcohol content was. 62% That was over the magic number of 60% alcohol that was the recommended threshold and part of the reason why you shouldn’t try to make your own at home.

Then, our implementation plans went wrong.

  • warnings about alcohol hand sanitizer exploding in your car came out so we would bring the bottle in between car trips (there are just as many claims to the other side but these days it really gets hot) I honestly don’t know the truth value and a little lifestyle change doesn’t hurt
  • old habits are hard to break. We’ve gone out and not had our own and so bought a bottle where we happened to be

Our hand sanitizer storage is in the back of a living room chair.

We’ve finished off one of the original bottles and bought a couple more. (Notice the gratuitous dog feet; he doesn’t move for pictures.)

As stores started to re-open, it became less important to have your own. Every place has sanitizer at the door. So, a squirt going in and coming out should be enough, you’d think. But, we have it in the car so an extra shot offers a comfort level.

When there were shortages, a couple of local alcohol manufacturers stepped up big time and started making their own products.  Hiram Walker and Wolfhead Distillery get shout outs here.

So, what about the sanatizer?

Well, as restaurants began to open with patios, (you read it on this blog first) diners were welcomed back to enjoy the new environment. My youngest daughter works at Chicano’s Tacos and Tequilas which is located on the entrance to the Open Air setting. My daughter is in charge of the black board sign and invited people to use the “sanatazer”. Now my valedictorian child did well in every subject only dropping the ball a bit with spelling. I couldn’t resist the “the things you see when you don’t have your red chalk” comment. “Daaaaad, you’re such a teacher”.

Protip: Read the label on the bottle if spelling is in doubt.

Update: Spelling is perfect. She does have nice handwriting for these signs.

We did enjoy a great meal but noticed that, because of the restaurant’s location, people were taking a shot of their sanatizer, which was located on the sideway, and then moving on. I pointed that out and was pleasantly surprised with the response “if it keeps people safe, it’s worth it”. Love that little girl.

Sanitizer remains a thing around here although it seems to have changed. In the beginning, it was this nice creamy stuff that kind of had a soothing feel to it. That explains everything. When I’m with my wife, I’m not allowed to pick up the bottle and squirt but rather push down the plunger from the top. The sanitizer definitely seems more water-like and stronger. I’ll confess to overshooting my hands and have it land on my shirt more than once. I’m a slow learner. Since I’m out of doors cutting lawns and pruning trees, my hands are full of little nicks and cuts that really sting when this watery stuff gets in there!

I actually pulled a bottle of the good stuff and read that it’s a “gel”. As long as it keeps me safe, it’s a small price to pay.

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