A new low in fake

I had heard about this from a friend in Arkansas – people were printing fake cards indicating that they were exempt from wearing a mask for health reasons. As someone who is always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, I thought that maybe there was enough public backlash and confrontation to those not wearing masks that this was seen as a logistical way to get around it.

But, of course, in Ontario we’re better than that.

Then, I read this article this morning.

Doctors, legitimate patients baffled as anti-maskers print off ‘exemption cards’ to flout rules

And, the Premier was just asked about it during his daily press briefing.

I can’t think of just the right word to describe my feeling but the following come immediately to mind.

  • stupid
  • disrespectful
  • outrageous
  • disgusting
  • unbelievable
  • and, a whole lot of profanity that I’d prefer not to put on this blog

But, I think I’ll settle on the word selfish.

We live in such a unique and dangerous time. Everyone that I know is scared about getting this virus. I had to make a shopping trip yesterday otherwise I would have stayed home. I’m happy to report that everyone I saw was masked up. It’s at the direction of our Health Unit.

We’ve heard so many times that “we’re all in this together”. I guess that isn’t entirely correct. A few selfish people aren’t with us.

If a second wave does indeed appear, we’ll know who we can blame it on.

How low can some people go?

I did think we were better than this. I guess not.

3 thoughts on “A new low in fake

  1. Good morning Doug!

    I recall seeing an article about mask exemption cards in the states. The article included a photograph of a card—it kind of looked official (although the layout was unbalanced, clearly a giveaway that it was unofficial) and included a Department of Justice logo that subsequently had to be removed because they didn’t have permission to use it. I just did a quick Google search for “face mask exemption card” and multiple copies of it show up if you toggle your search results to images. The card also claims exemption under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) but then also includes a sketchy URL to the Freedom to Breathe Agency FTBAgency.com, with a stylized eagle/American flag logo. Someone tried to make it look official, including running it through a laminator, but no.

    The politics associated with the COVID-19 and the polarization that has arisen around masks is the thing that truly causes me concern, because it incites/empowers some people to overreact. As is also the case with those who do not believe in vaccinations, the desired “rights” infringe upon the safety of the larger community, resulting in tensions that lead to confrontations. The labelling of “Karens” in the United States (and now “Leticias” in Canada) makes it too easy to stigmatize and persecute someone who is not wearing a mask — I was disheartened to find out this morning that the OPP shot and killed someone yesterday at the end of a confrontation that begin because the person was not wearing a mask. I know there is more to the story, but how it began and how it ended are troubling. Sadly, those who seek to buck the system and purposefully go against public health aren’t helping matters. Safety for all may require legislation, but common decency and understanding need to mitigate. Opaque facemasks are problematic for those who rely on sign language and lip reading, and transparent masks are a solution to that concern.

    There were times when I was hesitant to be one of only two or three people in the grocery store wearing a mask, but I wore one anyway. Now that our local health unit requires that everyone wear a mask when indoors in public, I feel much more confident about our ability to keep the virus at bay. I just checked our local county COVID-19 dashboard, and I am reassured to find that we are still in the same state we were the last time I checked. Our most recent confirmed case remains at May 18, which means it has been almost 2 months (today is July 16th) since we have had a confirmed case. May 18 was the second of only two confirmed cases in the month of May.

    It is not lost on me, however, that all it would take to throw things into a tailspin would be for one carrier to come in contact with an unprotected family of school-age children come September for an outbreak in a public school and then the surrounding community to take place. Now is not the time for complacency or mixed messages about mask wearing, especially as the province moves into stage III.

    It is always the time, however, for shared human decency, compassion, and understanding in thoughts and actions.

    (Interestingly — and problematically, my Google search for “face mask exemption card”
    led me to a webpage on the TTC’s website where they talk about their own TTC-logoed facemask exemption card and button.)

    Stay safe, Doug.


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