A new low in fake

I had heard about this from a friend in Arkansas – people were printing fake cards indicating that they were exempt from wearing a mask for health reasons. As someone who is always looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, I thought that maybe there was enough public backlash and confrontation to those not wearing masks that this was seen as a logistical way to get around it.

But, of course, in Ontario we’re better than that.

Then, I read this article this morning.

Doctors, legitimate patients baffled as anti-maskers print off ‘exemption cards’ to flout rules

And, the Premier was just asked about it during his daily press briefing.

I can’t think of just the right word to describe my feeling but the following come immediately to mind.

  • stupid
  • disrespectful
  • outrageous
  • disgusting
  • unbelievable
  • and, a whole lot of profanity that I’d prefer not to put on this blog

But, I think I’ll settle on the word selfish.

We live in such a unique and dangerous time. Everyone that I know is scared about getting this virus. I had to make a shopping trip yesterday otherwise I would have stayed home. I’m happy to report that everyone I saw was masked up. It’s at the direction of our Health Unit.

We’ve heard so many times that “we’re all in this together”. I guess that isn’t entirely correct. A few selfish people aren’t with us.

If a second wave does indeed appear, we’ll know who we can blame it on.

How low can some people go?

I did think we were better than this. I guess not.

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