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There is a great deal to like about the Opera browser. There are so many features that you would need an extension added to another browser in order to get the same functionality. VPN, Speed Dial, Add blocker, battery saver, …

A new feature is really impressing me, even though I didn’t know if I was going to use it or not when I first read about it.

Typically, I have multiple tabs open in any browser session so that I can quickly head to Twitter, my email, Facebook, this blog, Flipboard, and a bunch of other services.

When I need to break away from whatever I’m working on to check on something, it’s simply a matter of clicking on the tab and going there. Tabs that I use quite frequently are pinned in place. A typical top of my browser…

I didn’t realize that it was an issue until Opera added a new feature to its browser that made it one!

Those that follow me know that my Twitter account is really ground zero for many of the connections I have online. The “issue” is that, while it’s easy to just click on the Twitter icon, it does take over the entire screen. No more, when using Opera. Opera places a shortcut to Twitter in the sidebar.

Now, when I feel the need, I just click and a partial screen overlay appears.

My work continues in the background. It’s really handy if I’m going back and forth or if I just want to keep track of a conversation with Aviva Dunsiger.

Sharp eyed people will notice that Twitter isn’t the only messaging application that’s there.

There are six messaging applications available; I have just elected to activate three at this time.

The sidebar, unique to Opera at this time, is full of options to make available via a click.

I didn’t know how well I would use this feature but it has grown on me. Going back to clicking a tab and doing a fullscreen switch seems so old school now.

What would make it perfect – at least for me?

Add Slack to the sidebar too. That would be very helpful.

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  1. The “thinker comment” was a good one to screenshot. 🙂 i’m usually quick to close the opera browser. Maybe I should consider it after all. Thanks Doug!



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