Stephen’s take

Any time between 1700 and 1710, I get a notification that Stephen Downes’ OLDaily has appeared in my mailbox. It’s a chance to see what Stephen has been reading and, quite frankly, is a terrific source of inspiration for more learning for me.

It’s always a hoot when he’s providing commentary on one of my blog posts. I have had that honour a few times.

Tonight (I’m writing this on Tuesday evening), he made reference to my post from last week about Media bias. You’ll recall it was in reference to Adfontesmedia interactive chart. In the post, I grabbed a part of the screen at the time for my post.

At the same time, I lamented a bit that the resources were limited to US services and suggested a classroom activity where you plot Canadian news sources on the same grid.

Stephen actually took on this activity, and talks his way through the procedure that he used. And, he shares his own chart.

You’ll notice lots of new names there, plotted according to his interpretation as to where they might fit on the grid.

Which, of course, took me off on a discovery session of my own. I visited the new sites and looked at the stories to get a sense of how he placed them where he did.

It was like my own private Media bias lesson. Thanks, Stephen.

OTR Links 07/08/2020

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