My Week Ending 2020-07-05

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • For all the concerns that people have about their privacy, we now stand on the cusp of an app that “tracks and traces” people with the virus. How did people survive other pandemics?
  • Finally – an Ontario school district reveals its back to school plan. Here’s what the OCDSB is thinking.
  • The Rolling Stones is but one group that is concerned about Trump using their music for the election campaign.
  • There are a million ways that the community of Leamington could have responded to the outbreak among migrant farm workers. They took the high road.
  • This is definitely good news from Nova Scotia about the COVID-19 outbreak. I had a chat this week with a lady who is looking forward to heading out there to visit their cottage. It’s a two day drive apparently.
  • This really was news to me. I thought that the government had stopped the issue of blue license plates. I may get a new one in August and was fearing going blue.
  • Having a clipboard with multiple things clipped may well be a good feature for Chrome. My concern is years of going without; can I retrain myself?
  • Definitely, we’re looking at the US and what’s happening there in politics and virus outbreak.
  • Any solution for back to school that is less than full-time will put a burden on parents and child-care people.
  • Kindergarten aged students could read their way through this list.
  • That tracking anybody with an app ends up as a lawsuit should be no surprise to anyone. This time, it’s Tim Hortons.
  • This is a heart-warming video of a bear cut who ended up with a jar on his head and good people helping it escape. Bookmark it!
  • I’ll be honest. I had forgotten all about the “I am Canadian” guy. It was interesting to see his thoughts about the ad if it was created today.
  • Many people want the border between Canada and the United States re-opened. Hopefully, it won’t for a while and when it does open, it’s going to be messy.
  • The discussion about face masks has been interesting to follow. In the beginning, there was no need – leave them to the medical profession. Now, it’s the law in some places like Toronto and Essex County.
  • So, Microsoft adds a learning app to its Teams product. Too late or just in time for September?
  • Interestingly there are a whole collection of people that don’t know how to change the default search engine in their browser! Hint – they’re Apple users.
  • Projects for the incredibly geeky people to do in their house while locked down. Or start a blog.
  • As with all things from Seth Godin, it’s a short post that will make you think. This time for people that didn’t get the gold medal but were close.

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#FollowFriday – July 3, 2020

voicEd Radio

This week on voicEd Radio, Stephen Hurley and I chatted about Racism, Routines, Storage Wars, Music, & Memory.

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Technology Troubleshooting

An update from last week’s concerns – I didn’t run out of internet for the month of June. That’s a good thing.

I thought that it was about time to brand This Week in Ontario Edublogs on Twitter so I went through and tried to create @TWIOE. Only after I had got through the process did I find out that someone had already taken it. They’re not using it; but they have it.

Twitter offered me @TWIOE2 instead because someone had also grabbed @TWIOE1. I was surprised; many people have asked me what the random letters mean when I used them as a hashtag.


Well, it seemed like a good idea.

Video of the Week

It was an amazing Saturday in Essex County for the June 27th Miracle. Here’s a bit of what happened from the Mayor of Kingsville which has more than this as problems..

Photo of the Week

I attended the ConnectEDU conference last week and earned these badges.

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Whatever happened to …

… laundry soap?

I get a day off! Sheila Stewart, a regular reader of this blog, wrote this post for us and cross-posted to her own blog.

I sometimes worry that I give Doug Peterson too much “homework” with my ideas for his “Whatever Happened to…” Sunday blog post series (Archived here). So this time, and with support of Doug, I am airing my own dirty laundry, oops, I mean writing my own post. 🙂 But if you haven’t already, please do check out all the interesting topics he has addressed in his series of posts.
So here goes…

Whatever happened to…. laundry detergent? Or more specifically, powdered laundry detergent.

I only recall powdered detergent being used in my childhood home (mostly Tide). I followed suit since leaving home and doing my own laundry. It wasn’t until my husband and I bought a new washing machine 4 years ago that I tried liquid detergent. The cold setting on the new washer didn’t dissolve the powder that well. Both detergents are “HE” safe for our machine and I only use “Tide Free”. (Brand loyalty gets passed on, I suppose!) I still prefer to use the powdered stuff and I have a few garments that come with labels that suggest powdered detergent only. (And I’m a rule follower, so..)

Lately I have been having difficulty finding my preferred brand of powdered laundry detergent. Often the only boxes left are the scented detergents. Was powdered laundry detergent hoarded during this current pandemic? Are stores adjusting their stock to meet the demand for liquid detergent and “pods”?

I feel more environmentally responsible purchasing the cardboard boxes of powdered detergent. I think I tend to use too much of the liquid form and that plastic jug seems to be in the recycling bin way too fast. I haven’t used “pods” yet, or any other alternatives.

According to this website’s information, powdered laundry detergent has been around since the 1930s. I was surprised to read that the liquid form hit the shelves in the 1950s. The “pods” (a trademark by Tide) were first marketed in 2012 (So, a number of years before the Tide pod challenge meme and incidents in 2018.And so, just as Doug ends his posts with questions for readers:

  • Do you have a “go-to” brand of laundry detergent? Powder, liquid, or pod? A combination? Alternative?
  • Has there been a shortage of any of the above in your local stores during the pandemic?
  • Do you have safety concerns about the “pods” or packet type? Any unfortunate incidents in your home?
  • Scented or unscented?
  • The website link I provided offers some good information on the options in comparison charts. Do you think you will change what you use any time soon?
  • Do you have any advice for me if powdered detergent really does become a thing of the past?
  • All general laundry tips welcome too 🙂

As always, your insights are appreciate. Please respond via the comments function. You might want to drop by Sheila’s blog and share your comments there as well.

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