Deeper today

Tagging onto my post from yesterday…

My news feed was awash with the latest results of COVID in Essex County.

This was just a sickening article to read. There’s no two ways about it.

To get the information and the importance and significance behind these stories, I turned back to the Public Health Ontario tool. Again, I plotted the cases in South-Western Ontario with the updated information. (Information is updated at 11:30)

What about provincially?

The tools definitely show two different stories. Obviously, the y-axis is different in each case but there’s enough data to view and understand trends.

How I’m still seeing people walking around without face masks in public is just beyond me. My heart goes out to the communities of Kingsville and Leamington and my friends there.

I know that there are all kind of plans in the works for testing and isolating but not everyone can be reached that way. You can’t go through a day without reading this news; success in defeating this will only come from all of us being smart.

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4 thoughts on “Deeper today”

  1. Good morning Doug!

    I heard a wonderful rationale to support masks on the radio yesterday:

    “I wear a mask to protect you.
    You wear a mask to protect me.”

    This is not rocket science, nor is it new news. Medical staff have been wearing masks for decades, ever since they realized it was possible to breathe into someone’s body during a consultation or operation.

    Not to wear a mask is selfish. Although we have fortunately not had any new cases of COVID-19 here for over six weeks, we are less than an hour’s drive From Kingston where they Recently had the nail salon outbreak that was yesterday confirmed to have infected 27+ folks (and counting).

    Until we have the capacity to test everyone, and as subsequently inoculate everyone against the Covid-19 virus, Folks need to be responsible and wear a mask when they go out


  2. Oh Doug! This is really disturbing. I’m seeing far less people wearing masks here too. Yesterday, I read something that said, “The Coronavirus isn’t over even though we’re over with it.” A good reminder indeed! I would be curious to hear from those that have stopped wearing masks in public. Why? Does this updated news change things for people? Hmmm …



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