Whatever happened to …

… hair colour?

Thanks to Sheila Stewart for this idea, inspired by last week’s ramble about haircuts!

She reminded me immediately of this commercial from Canadiens icon Maurice Richard.

I guess the bottom line is that, if you can’t get your hair professionally cut, you can’t get it professionally coloured either.

Of course, you can always go and buy product off the shelf and do it yourself.

I made the mistake of mentioning that at a patio event with my daughters who immediately gave me a million reasons why not to do that. Their responses were “scientific” instead of aesthetic.

For those of us with our modelling years behind us, it’s less of an issue.

How about you for a Sunday morning?

  • now that Ontario is in Stage 2 (except Kingsville and Leamington) are you booked for a refresh?
  • how long is the wait to get into your favourite salon? I drove through town yesterday and the fancy salon looked packed and there was a lineup at the barber shop
  • is there a real reason for not doing colouring yourself? After all, Richard did it…
  • I didn’t even know if Grecian Formula was still a product until I did a search and saw places offering it for sale. Do you prefer the slow so that nobody notices approach?
  • will you use the COVID pandemic as an excuse for getting away from the colouring and return to a natural shade of whatever you are?
  • how do you feel about getting hair cut/coloured while wearing a mask? Is there a fumes issue?

Since we’re all in this together, there’s nothing to hide. Me? I left a little grey. Actually, a lot of grey.

Please share your thoughts – it doesn’t have to be yours but someone you know – in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. Doug, I booked my haircut for the end of August. I decided on a salon that my mom goes to: only one person in at a time, everyone in masks, and tons of additional cleaning. It made me feel safer. I wonder what my curls will look like by then. As for the hair colour, I try to embrace my gray. If I get any more though, I might need to add it to the list of services at the salon. Maybe some highlights. 🙂 I always thought that the professional colouring lasted longer, but now I want to investigate the science behind things. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!



  2. Thanks for “covering” the grey roots side of things! I can’t wait until it is Canada Day and I can finally say, “10 more days to my cut and colour!”. It’s been a long wait since booking a few days after phase 2 was declared. I plan to leave my hair to the professionals as long as I am able to do so! I had been thinking about embracing the grey when I turned 60. I did some thinking about letting the pandemic move that up a “few years”, but nah… not yet. It also doesn’t seem fair that my husband got his haircut before me haha. Barber shops turn them out quicker apparently. I wonder what colour my mask will be after my appointment 🙂


  3. I started getting grey hair at age 27 – 20 years ago! I’ve spent a lot of money on colour! A few years ago I decided to stop spending the money and embrace the grey. I question this decision all the time. It makes me look older than I am. So I’ve decided to let it go for summer & make an appointment in late August to get the colour done again.


  4. My wife decided to stop colouring her hair some months ago before the lock down. I think it looks pretty good. She does think her hair (and mine such as it is) is getting too long though. I am not sure when we will be getting cuts though


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