Understanding microaggressions

LIke the resource that I shared yesterday, this also takes the form of a create your own adventure. At each stage, you’re presented with a number of options which require a bit of role playing and thoughtful consideration of how to respond.

The game is called Killing Me Softly, written by Fobazi M. Ettarh.

You start by choosing one of two characters…

Described as:

A game demonstrating how it feels to suffer microaggressions and acculturative stress day after day.

You are placed in the shoes of your character and take on another day with interactions that you experience in the first person.

The decisions that are made are cumulative as you work your way through the adventure.

Winning? There is no winning here so, unlike many other games of this type, there isn’t a strategic path through the adventure that results in success.

I can see many uses for this adventure in the classroom, particularly with small groups to discuss the situation and evaluate the alternatives at each step of the way.

Nothing needs to be installed. The adventure is played through your web browser.

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