Whatever happened to …

… silly putty?

From the “Whatever happen to” padlet comes this suggestion.

I haven’t thought of this for a long time so thanks to whoever suggested the idea.

A long time ago, I did have an egg of Silly Putty. My dad was away for a couple of days at a meeting and brought home gifts for my brother and me. My gift was Silly Putty. It didn’t take long before it was banished only to be used in my bedroom. I think just rolling it around and dropping pieces on the couch was the final straw.

We’d always had Plasticine to play with but this was different. It was squeezier some how if seemed. I know red underlines, that isn’t a word. But it’s my blog and it can be a word if I want it to be.

As the suggester noted, it was great for making copies of your comic book characters. You’d roll it over a page and then carefully peel it back so as not to distort the image. Then, we had little plastic knives that we would trim off the excess and we would make our own characters and place them in our own scenes. We could also play our own version of Law and Order when the Joker got out of hand and mash him up or stretch him out or whatever!

I’m thinking the statute of limitations has passed but we could also counterfeit our own money on the really old paper bills of the time. It just made a mess when you put it in your wallet.

Doing my extensive research for this post, I did a quick scan of the toy aisle at Walmart but couldn’t see it for sale. But, I do note that it’s available online. More than the text about Silly Putty, the images will make you want to be a kid again. We’re not the only ones thinking about Silly Putty; there are blog posts devoted to it, including how to make your own.

My biggest takeaway from the whole experience was the feeling I got when my dad came back with a gift. It’s a tradition that I carried on with my own kids when they were younger; I’d bring them home a little something. It also helps pass the time waiting at airports.

How about sharing some thoughts about this from your past on a Sunday morning?

  • Did Silly Putty have a place in your childhood?
  • Do you still have some of the stuff today?
  • What was the strangest thing you ever copied using Silly Putty?
  • What other fun games did you use Silly Putty for?
  • When your parents would go away for meetings, etc. did they bring you a gift home?
  • Do you bring home gifts for your own kids when you’re away for a while?

Please share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below. If you have ideas for a future post, please feel free to leave them in the Padlet!

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9 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. Doug, I have had a few kids bring Silly Putty, or something similar, to school with them before. I’ve also made a similar item with kids using white glue, water, and Borax. I think it’s stretchier than Silly Putty. I never thought of the comic book character useage. I wonder if it would work with this glue option too. Now you have me eager to try. Thanks for these weekly trips down memory lane.



    1. P.S. This glue putty is called slime. Sorry! I forgot the word temporarily. Think I’ll blame that on a lack of coffee. 🙂


  2. I’ve played with Slime. (benefits of being a grandfather) It’s not the same as Silly Putty but it’s still fun. I could see using the comic book approach in class by taking characters from different materials and creating a new one of your own.


  3. Squeezier should be a word – and it describes silly putty perfectly. You can still buy a version of it at dollar stores but instead of it being that pink/beige colour of rain-bloated earthworms it is always silver, gold, fluorescent snazzy colours. Not sure if they would work as well to capture newsprint copying. Also not sure how many kids have access to newspapers anymore to copy. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! And new words that the English language definitely needed.


  4. As soon as I think of silly putty, I think of comic strips. Good times HA!
    It was such a fun little surprise to get. Do you think all our parents hoped it would keep us busy for hours? 🙂


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