Whatever happened to …

… speed limits?

Thanks to Sheila Stewart for her inspiration for this post. It was just a query that she had thrown out on Facebook – asking if speed limits were still relevant these days.

Have 40 km safety zones become irrelevant in the pandemic and with schools closed? Silly me for observing them still? Got cut off by impatient drivers in two zones today

Sheila Stewart

Perhaps a little tongue in cheek but it got me thinking.

In the news around here, there have been reports of some people being stopped and charged with stunt driving. As we talked about it, we figured that it might be as a result of fewer cars on the road. Particularly on the 401 in Kent County, it’s flat, flat and almost an invitation to try your vehicle out at top speeds when you have the road all to yourself.

Five years ago now (gasp!) I had written this post “Observations of a Dog Walker“. The observations from the past are still true today.

I live on a Class B country road so we don’t have a whole lot of options for dog walks. From the driveway, it’s just North or South. Typically, we head North carefully because the speed limit is 80 km/h. At the crossroads, we can head East because it takes us by an elementary school and a park. Consequently, the speed limit drops to 60 km/h. In normal times, most drivers observe the speeds but it seems like more and more of them are taking their lead from those in Sheila’s world!

Also in normal times, in the morning, there appears periodically an unmarked police cruiser (you can tell by the hubcaps) and that serves to moderate the speeds. But, it’s literally been months since I’ve seen one there. Speeds do indeed seem to have increased.

For a Sunday morning, your thoughts please …

  • have speed limits indeed been suspended at this time and Sheila and I missed the memo?
  • do you slow down for schools and community safety zones?
  • I’ve always suspected that there’s a +/- with the posted limit. Is there?
  • on the 401, Ontario is experimenting with 110 km/h zones. Is this a good idea? Are our 400 series of highways ready for higher speeds?
  • are you observing people being a little less observant of speed limits these days, particularly in community safety zones?
  • do you get road rage when someone is right on your rear bumper or swerves in front of you?

As always, please share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks.

Around here, we dig into memories on Sunday mornings. You can view all the past posts here.

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3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. Thanks for sharing your observations, Doug. I did wonder if I had missed a memo! Strange times and all…
    I usually travel a bit above the speed limit (probably less than 5). That is often still not good enough for my tailgaters.

    I enjoyed reading your dog walking post again. It doesn’t seem like 5 years since I first read it either!


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