My Week Ending 2020-05-17

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • Yes, people are doing stupid things at this time. But, in this case, there’s no way that COVID-19 could be used as an excuse.
  • Apple continues to produce expensive computers. Here’s a comparison of two of the latest. Certainly double and triple the price of a Chromebook. Since we’re doing so many things online these days, who is paying this kind of money?
  • After denying it, the US President is coming to grips with what COVID-19 means to the world. He’s got to pull a rabbit out of his hat and quickly if he wants another term as president.
  • I had to laugh at this one. I mean, who among us is guilty of the awful “reply all” mistake. Now, if we could only get Twitter to work on it.
  • A bit of a laugh that all teachers will get. I wish that I had kept track; I’m sure that I could have quite a list myself.
  • This is the year to be happy that I never bought a cottage. We’re only moments away from a beach, walking trails, and all the amenities. There seems to be more rabbits and ticks this year. There may be hope for those who own a cottage in Ontario but I know some folks who bought in Michigan. Less hope there with a closed border.
  • It’s back to school in Quebec. Well, for some. Actually, for a very few. Actually, in one class, it was for one student.
  • I’ve only recently appreciated all of the waterfalls in the Hamilton area. There are more around the GTA.
  • If you like visiting libraries, here’s a collection of really, really unique ones that you’re not going to find just down the street.
  • Graduations in the springtime will definitely take a hit. I would hope that the advice here from the Minister about not cancelling them wasn’t an option for any school. Put them off until it can be safely done. The kids have worked hard to graduate and deserve the recognition.
  • I actually watched this press conference live and was appalled at the attitude and demeanour shown. Remember the saying “Sometimes it’s better to be quiet and thought to be an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
  • Who would envision that you might be caught somewhere without your face mask and need to make one in a hurry. Here’s how to do it when you’re nowhere near a sewing machine either.
  • The article is pretty conservative in saying “some universities” may be offering courses online in the fall. I’ll bet that most, if not all, will do so.
  • My heart goes out when I read of students who have to rely on parking lot wifi. Sadly, I also heard that there are some teachers who to do as well.
  • I’d never heard of the acronym SIFT before for media literacy but there’s great advice here, reinforcing what we’ve been teaching for years.
  • If this is indeed true, counterfeiting takes on a slimier, scummier approach. We rely so much on those certification labels. What else should we question?
  • It’s another case against paying big bucks to get a closed source solution where you have to wait for bug fixes. How many other cities will follow Munich?
  • I’m not a real fan of cheesecake and I’m not a fan of people who attack Ford over his showing off his recipe. It only took a bit of time to make the video and I found it an interesting distracting from all the other serious stuff that’s going on. It’s not like he’s in the lab working on things; he’s a politician and part of that is worrying about the mindset of the province. Now, if he did a baking show every day, I’d start to complain.

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#FollowFriday – May 15, 2020

voicEd Radio

This week on voicEd Radio, Stephen Hurley and I chatted about graduation, voice, impact, love and gaming.

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Technology Troubleshooting

You’re reading this from the keyboard of one happy Chromebook user. My Acer R13 issue where it alway kicked into tablet mode has been fixed.

For the longest time, I was sure that it was something that I had done so I pulled all the rabbits out of the hat with no success. Certainly, I’ve complained about it long enough here.

But, I happened upon a post on Reddit where the problem was described and noted it as a problem. One of the messages indicated that it had been fixed on Beta 83 of Chrome OS.

So, I switched from the Stable Channel to the Beta Channel and my Chromebook is working perfectly in laptop mode again. I’m beyond happy.

Video of the Week

I had no idea.

Photo of the Week

We treated ourselves to lunch out yesterday and saw first hand one of my biggest spelling mistakes bug-a-boos. The things you see when you don’t have a red pen.

Thanks for reading.

Please join me daily for something new and, hopefully, interesting for you. Time willing, this summary appears every Sunday afternoon.

Be safe.


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