This morning, I ran across this story.

Here Are 20 Questions From “Family Feud” – Can You Guess The Number One Answers?

Of course, I had to play.

I also marvelled at two of the hosts that were absolutely amazing as hosts- Richard Dawson and Steve Harvey. According to the Wikipedia, there were others but these are the two that stand out in my mind. They were funny and yet had the ability to come across shocked at some of the silly answers.

I remember doing many a workshop where we talked about doing Jeopardy-style games in the classroom. For some reason, we didn’t do any Family Feud ones though. I decided that I was going to sit down and create one.

But first – surely if this a good idea, there must be someone who has done this before.

And there was. There are many people who have done it and there are posts talking about the “Top” Family Feud games. I settled for this one on the tekhnologic blog. I thought it was nicely designed for display in Powerpoint and it imported nicely into Google Slides for those that are looking for a web solution. And, it’s dead simple to use.

Just import the slide into your slide deck, duplicate the slide for each question and away you go. Complete instructions are in the tekhnologic blog post.

The comes the questions. Unlike Jeopardy where there’s one right answer, you’re looking for the most popular answer to score the most points. Of course, in the classroom, you’re looking for educational questions and answers. But it could be a little recreational too. Here’s a starter collection.

What’s intriguing is that this plays nicely on an computer and so you could share your screen to everyone in the class. Divide into teams or pairs for answers. Or, involved parents.

It’s just an idea for something a little different.

And, to help you get your Steve Harvey on…

And, in case you were wondering about the initial puzzle – 17/20


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