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Look up

One of our favourite summer activities is going out to the back yard when it gets dark and before the mosquitoes come out and just look up. You see, we’re on a flight path(s) into Detroit Metro Airport. When the conditions are right, they can be pretty much straight over head.

Above and beyond airplanes though, periodically we’ll see something much higher and more interesting. We’ve always suspected some sort of satellite or maybe even the International Space Station.

Now, we can know for sure by visiting the website

Tomorrow night, or better Thursday morning, we might be able to see a fly-by.

The link provided takes you to the Wikipedia for more details.

This is one of those sites that requests your location and, for truly relevant results, you’ll give it. For the paranoid or for other locations, the earth is movable.

Now, honestly 3:58 is probably out of the question but 5:31 is definitely doable.

Kind of related, I found this piece of information quite interesting if you enjoy spacial objects.

Mile-wide asteroid to pass close to Earth Wednesday


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