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Those people who follow me on Social Media can probably set their clocks by my morning routine.

From 5am to 6am (except for Fridays), I steal some alone time to do some reading and learning. Many of the things that I read are tucked away for further thought and research. I’ve long since bought into the concept that learning can and should be social and so I do share much of what I’m reading to my social media accounts. I appreciate so much people’s thoughts on what I’ve read.

Yesterday, Peter Cameron shared his philosophy about sharing in a Twitter message.

I couldn’t agree more with the newest incarnation of Peter Cameron. Without his sharing, I wouldn’t have known about his blog (or he might not even have a blog) or have had the chance to co-host a podcast with him.

My daily OTR Links post, which is automatically generated, is a nice way to go through and review some of the previous day’s learning. For a long time, my go-to social reading application is Flipboard.

I have all kinds of topics and categories selected and Flipboard allows me as reader to quickly access about a dozen of them. So, when I open my computer for reading, this is what I see.

Normally, this gives me a nice cross-section of interesting things to read.

Until lately.

All of the categories, including Cartoons, are loaded with stories near and far about COVID-19. There’s no escaping it.

A person has to look long and hard to find anything else to learn.

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4 thoughts on “Tell me something new”

  1. Doug, your post has me thinking. I wonder if we can reframe things a bit. Is the only learning about the Coronavirus, or is the learning around various topics (e.g., education, families) and the impact that the Coronavirus has on them? Can the learning sometimes be about those different topics, but in light of the Coronavirus? That said, with everyone at home, the world somewhat on a standstill, and the economy on a downward spiral, maybe the news as it is doesn’t surprise me either. What else is there to talk about?

    You have me wondering now if this is why I joined Lisa Corbett’s Book Club: a chance to read, think, and talk about something other than COVID-19. Hmmm … I wonder how others are finding news and learning on different topics.



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