Tell me something new

Those people who follow me on Social Media can probably set their clocks by my morning routine.

From 5am to 6am (except for Fridays), I steal some alone time to do some reading and learning. Many of the things that I read are tucked away for further thought and research. I’ve long since bought into the concept that learning can and should be social and so I do share much of what I’m reading to my social media accounts. I appreciate so much people’s thoughts on what I’ve read.

Yesterday, Peter Cameron shared his philosophy about sharing in a Twitter message.

I couldn’t agree more with the newest incarnation of Peter Cameron. Without his sharing, I wouldn’t have known about his blog (or he might not even have a blog) or have had the chance to co-host a podcast with him.

My daily OTR Links post, which is automatically generated, is a nice way to go through and review some of the previous day’s learning. For a long time, my go-to social reading application is Flipboard.

I have all kinds of topics and categories selected and Flipboard allows me as reader to quickly access about a dozen of them. So, when I open my computer for reading, this is what I see.

Normally, this gives me a nice cross-section of interesting things to read.

Until lately.

All of the categories, including Cartoons, are loaded with stories near and far about COVID-19. There’s no escaping it.

A person has to look long and hard to find anything else to learn.

OTR Links 04/14/2020

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