This grouping is ok

This type of social grouping is a good thing!

Life for me was so simple long ago on the web when the concept of tabs hadn’t been invented. One window, one website was the norm.

Then comes along the ability to have tabs in the browser and I jumped at the opportunity. And, if two tabs are good, then twenty must be better. Before long, it was like my elementary school principal used to call “a dog’s breakfast”. I never understood the concept then because we only fed our dog once a day, after supper.

I came to understand it as meaning a mess and it does truly describe the top of my screen at times.

My primary window right now…

On the other monitor, I have even more as I work on my Friday “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” post.

With tab development, we kind of got a break when we could pin tabs but even then, it gets difficult and it can be hard to tell tabs apart – especially when you have so many the browser shrinks the tab to fit them into the space on your monitor. Thank goodness for favicons. Things that I use all the time get pinned and the rest just sort of evolves until I can’t find anything and I’m forced to close some or use the OneTab extension to tuck them away.

With the release of Google Chrome 81 comes another formal option – creating tab groups. So, for example, I have a number of email accounts that I monitor – I could group them all together into one group called email.

The process is relatively simple. To get started, click on a tab and “Add to new group” or “Add to existing group”.

You can give it a colour and a name if you wish…

In addition to my email group, I’ll have a group especially for the reading sites that I use.

I could see, perhaps, grouping popular tabs by subject area. I guess you’re only limited by imagination.

I’m going to give it a shot for a while on Chrome and see what happens. Maybe it will make me more efficient or productive. Or maybe I’ll get confused as to where things are. Who knows?

Look for this feature to be replicated in other browsers if it catches on.

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3 thoughts on “This grouping is ok”

  1. Good morning Doug!

    Kudos to you for your ongoing investigation of browser features and how they can help with your workflow. I know you continually follow the feature developments of the various browsers, and are always looking for the best solution for your purposes. I know that you are also continually testing extensions that can augment the native features of a browser.

    A quick question about what you have just described, as it relates to your ongoing workflow: Do you leave the tabs open and organized in your browser, so that those things you regularly access are essentially always available and essentially located in the same spot? Is the browser continually running? If you shut down your browser, or have to reboot your machine, do you have a mechanism to automatically restore the tabs to a specifically sorted/grouped sequence?

    I ask because a colleague and I were discussing just yesterday the challenge of having too many tabs, including multiples of the same page open in different tabs. During a screen share session, it became clear that I actually had two different chrome browser windows (one minimized) with essentially the same regularly used tabs open in both. Whenever I get too many tabs, I just close them all — or just restart my browser — and start with a single fresh tab.

    I think I need the Doug Peterson’s Web Browser Workflow 101 course.


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