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It’s been a difficult time for all in Canada during these troubled times. Like many, we have followed the recommendations and are spending so much time at home.

That does involve watching a bit more television than we normally would. We’ve been exposed to press conferences about how Ontario, Canada, and beyond are handling the planning for handling the COVID-19.

I have to just note that I am so impressed with the way that both Premier Ford and Prime Minister Trudeau present themselves and represent our governments with respect to this issue.

In both cases, these leaders have stepped up and own the proposed solution. They’re not surrounded with many people there just for photo opportunities. Of course, with Prime Minister Trudeau, it’s a different situation because of his self-isolation. With Premier Ford, he does have some backing but they’re there because they have a truthful message to provide.

They both are delivering a carefully crafted and important message. Both gentlemen are knowledgeable about what is happening and how their governments are addressing these things. Both demonstrate the common understanding about what is needed to model appropriate behaviour.

Sadly, the fact that these gentlemen are so transparent doesn’t stop the detractors. Those that would criticize on a regular basis haven’t stopped.

That’s really a shame. Nobody has gone through anything like this before. It’s not a time for politics as usual.

I’m proud of what I’m seeing here in Ontario and Canada.

I’m not the only one. #ProudCanadian was trending on Twitter on Wednesday.

Author: dougpete

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