Get the best advice

It was the sort of comment that we would expect to read from some whacko right wing commentator that teachers have the benefit of a better immune system because they’re exposed to germs on a daily basis.

I think we’ve all had that conversation in the staff room but, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no definitive study that proves this. It’s the sort of thing that some people just assume and take for granted. The message in this case was that, because of this daily exposure, … well you can figure out the rest in light of the current COVID-19 situation.

I had to read the message a few times just to confirm to myself that what I was reading was in fact what I was reading.

One of the things that I will give teachers is that they are constantly cleaning up and teaching students about taking care not to spread germs. Regular classroom surfaces typically get cleaned every day by caretakers to try and provide the best germ-free environment.

But this is entirely different…

Unless you haven’t been paying attention, COVID-19 is a new infection. Even if you believe that you’re some sort of super-being, you don’t have immunity built up. And, it’s not just all about you. It’s about being a carrier and sharer of the virus. Consider colleagues in the staffroom that may not have your invulnerability or those that you might have contact with outside school or at home.

I hope that nobody is planning to take medical advice from some Twitter account or even the writer of a blog. We have Health Units in place for a reason. They are the best source for your information and what plans that you need to make to take care of yourself and others.

Be safe and follow the best advice.

2 thoughts on “Get the best advice

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