Later this morning, Stephen Hurley and I will air another edition of This Week in Ontario Edublogs.

I find it amazing that it’s been over three years since we started having a chat on Wednesday mornings. My notes go back to April of 2017 but that’s only when I started sharing them with Stephen. Our original start was much earlier than that. Unfortunately, I don’t have the original notes and the original podcasts are not up on the voicEd web site. I do remember the earliest of shows being really rough and the weather was kind of an introductory topic. We definitely have moved on since then.

The blog post “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” has been a Friday feature on this blog since as long as I can remember. The WordPress numbering scheme for duplicate titles identified last week’s post as #397. Add in the number of times that I’ve mistyped the title to “The Week in Ontario Edublogs” and it’s over 400. I often wonder how many other typos I’ve made over the years.

The goal of the blog post is to highlight some of the great reading that I do all the time – but limiting it to Ontario Educators. I’ve seen many blogs go away and many new ones come along. The key to their value has always been reflections coming from Ontario. The curriculum that ties everyone together makes for a common base.

Back to the radio show. Last week, after the show, Stephen and I had a little chat about keeping things fresh. After three years, it’s kind of a challenge. Fortunately, the content keeps our discussions unique.

What started as a half-hour show where only I knew what we would be talking about has evolved to a one-hour show where Stephen knows in advance what’s happening. It makes for a better informed discussion!

I will admit – we have a templated approach that is created in advance of the show.

Those that listen to the show know that the times are incredibly rough and exist mainly as a reminder to keep things moving. Without them, we’d never finish the show by 10:15.

We have tried a few twists – broadcasting from a classroom, broadcasting live from a BIT conference where we’re together, broadcasting live from a conference where Stephen’s onsite and I’m not, broadcasting from holiday venues where one of us is away with family, or me being away at a conference and broadcasting from a hotel room. I can definitely attest that there’s no place like home but it’s fun to take on new challenges.

During the summer, we’ve invited Ontario educators to come in as guest hosts and that’s always fun.

But, as we discussed, is there room to grow and do something different? I know that many readers here are also listeners to the show live or on podcast from voicEd Radio.

So, the call to action of this post is your advice. How could we make this format better? If you have an idea, I’d be most interested in hearing it – either via comment before or through social media.

Thanks, in advance.

4 thoughts on “Changes?

  1. Doug and Stephen, I happen to love the regularly scheduled program in the regularly scheduled format! There’s something comforting about routine, and I see that here. That said, if you’re looking for a change or two, the only thing that I could think of which would be neat is to have a group of educators (be it those that teach similar grades or even a group of admin) join in on the discussion. Hearing different perspectives from those in similar teaching positions could be intriguing. Now, mind you, you’ve never broadcasted from a Kindergarten room either, but that could be more change than you’re looking for. 🙂

    Have a great broadcast today!


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