My Week Ending 2020-02-23

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • One of the polls that indicate that support for teachers is greater than support for the government in the current education system in Ontario.
  • I suspect that, in order for this seat belt initiative to be success, it will have to start with younger students and let them grow into it being a way of life.
  • I’m sad to say that some of these things were believed by yours truly when he was a kid.
  • I can’t believe that someone would even question this. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the law or not, you’re not going to hit them.
  • There’s a real surge in the interest of DIY and Google is there to help. Would this app have a home in a makerspace?
  • Finally! The answer to the question about “You guys“. Well, at least it’s one suggestion.
  • There are a number of reasons to get rid of them, not the least being that they just look silly.
  • It’s touted as a Chromebook activity but it’s a good proofreading activity no matter what technology you’re using.
  • As an educator, I find this abhorrent. But when you see rallies and the support that he gets, there sure are a lot of people that seem ready to get into bullying.
  • It’s not fair to compare these robots to normal people. Maybe get some people who have been drinking for a fair contest.
  • There’s so much that we can learn from other school systems, particularly in Europe. Here’s it’s about sustainability.
  • I’m going to have to sit down and see if I can figure this out. Hopefully, McDonald’s has $1 coffee as an alternative.
  • I’m torn as to whether this is good or bad marketing. I do like my burgers but not with this appearance.
  • Silly? Yes, but it’s still a fun thing to read if you like to see some Ford-bashing.
  • I can’t imagine the relief that they people are feeling, being released from quarantine.
  • So many people like to bash the Google Chrome browser but the good news is that we end up with a better browsing experience and that’s not bad.

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Technology Troubleshooting

There was an upgrade to Chrome OS last night. The thing about Chrome is that the upgrades are there whether you want them or not.

This upgrade is less than perfect.

I like to keep my shelf on the left side of the screen so that I have as much room for reading as possible. But, when I log in, the shelf returned itself to the bottom.

A reboot put it back to where it should be.

After putting the computer to sleep and then waking it, the shelf is back to the bottom again.

Looks like this upgrade is somewhat less than perfect.

Video of the Week

Smiling here.

Photo of the Week

Those flowers I bought last week didn’t last long.

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Whatever happened to …

… station wagons?

There’s a Dodge Magnum that travels the road in front of our house every morning. You can tell it coming from a mile away. It hasn’t been kept up and it’s incredibly noisy. It gets Jaimie and my attention every time it passes. But, it’s got me thinking. There are blog posts inspirations everywhere!

It’s the closest thing that I can think of to what I would call a station wagon. This is more like it.

Thanks, Alden Jewell – CC BY 2.0

Growing up, there were only the two of us boys in the family so we had no need for it. My aunt and uncle had a family with four kids so they definitely needed more room. They had a station wagon and it sat both families.

Not nicely, by today’s standards. There weren’t enough seats for everyone and mandatory seat belts hadn’t even been considered. So, the kids just piled into the back. We’d have the side windows rolled down and the back window also rolled down to give that blow through breeze effect.

On our way to the beach, we’d take the back roads that included some big up and down hills! It was like a roller coaster ride. It was even possible, I remember, to hit your head on the roof of the wagon. When you got to the beach, the back door folded out to make a great table. This vehicle had it all.

Including a healthy gas consumption too, I would imagine.

For a Sunday, your thoughts please.

  • Did your family own a station wagon when you were a child?
  • If they didn’t did you ever have a ride in one? Any stories to share?
  • Many also came with wood grain side panels that were often the stuff that songs were written about. Can you name any?
  • If you do a search for a station wagon online, there are still manufacturers that use the name. They’re a far cry from my memory of a station wagon. How about you?
  • What’s the closest thing to an old-school station wagon that you can think of today?

Please share your station wagon stories in the comments below.

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