Expert voices

It’s been interesting over the last while to see the Ontario government respond to various things in the media.


Remember “Buck a Beer”? This was going to make things so affordable in the province. Actually, it seemed like an easy thing to do. Just lower the taxes to meet that pricing threshold. That didn’t happen. Other efficiencies were needed instead. But, the industry wasn’t able to do it. Now, we hear that the last participating brewery in this area can only do it on holiday weekends.

Ontario’s buck-a-beer is now dead as last brewery limits offer

The expert voice from the industry has spoken.

Licence plates

Just yesterday, the Consumer Services Minister in the province said that there was nothing wrong with the new licence plates. This, despite the photo evidence that was circulating social media and major news sources of a single image taken by a police officer showing that the information on the plate is unreadable.

But there’s good news. These new plates that had nothing wrong with them compared to the “Liberal plates” will be replaced.

Ontario will replace defective licence plates, cabinet minister says

The expert voice with a smartphone has spoken.


Today, educators from across the province will be thawing out after the largest one-day strike in Ontario education since 1997 took place. Despite report after report showing Ontario has one of the best education systems in the world, negotiations remain broken.

Experts in eLearning have weighed in with their advice that eLearning isn’t appropriate for all students. Research studies report time and again that class sizes matter. Experts in the classroom are weighing in on issues surrounding being physically attacked by students. The success of the current model for kindergarten has been proven to be successful.

Will these expert voices ever be listened to? The government has shown that it is capable of adjusting from an over-reaching initial plan. Why not in education as well?


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