Licence plates in Ontario

You can’t turn anywhere in the media these days and not find a story dealing with the new licence plates that are now the way things are done in the province. I’m currently the owner of a set of the “Liberal Licence Plates” with the white paint peeling so will undoubtedly have to have them replaced – probably this summer when I have to renew them and get a new sticker.

The current ones are not the only ones that I’ve ever owned. I got these ones when I was embarrassed by my old ones when I got a new car at one point. I still remember the salesperson saying that I couldn’t put those old ones on my new car. A little tongue in cheek but sometimes I need that sort of shove.

I also can remember licence plates before stickers. You got a new set at every renewal. When the stickers came along, I remember friends saying that they’ll never renew again; they’ll just steal a sticker from someone else. Of course, that’s wrong. If you’ve ever put a sticker on crookedly, you know that you can’t peel and restick.

After reading these stories, I was curious as to when was the last time the province had plates that were mostly blue. I’ve been in many antique stores where people had collections of plates on the wall, so surely this must translate to the internet.

And I was right!

You can check out the HUGE collection of plates that are currently in operation in the province.

But, it doesn’t stop there. As we know, there are truck plates, Green vehicle plates, motorcycle plates and a whole slew of other specialty plates. I had no idea.

I had told my wife that I was going to get personalized plates at some point! DOUGPETE – wouldn’t that be sweet? On second thought…

But it’s not just for cars. Licence plates are a piece of art. Back off that original link to here and enjoy the artwork from various provinces and states. While I don’t mind the design of the new Ontario plates, they really take a backseat to the Northwest Territories. Wow!

If you’re looking for a classroom art project, how about designing your own!

For more pictures of licence plates than you ever thought you’d see, check out

Ontario License Plate History

Ontario License Plates

And, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll noticed that both “licence” and “license” are used in this post. I was always taught that “licence” was a noun and “license” was a verb. I’m not alone.

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4 thoughts on “Licence plates in Ontario

  1. Licence plate collecting is a thing in the US. I have a friend who is an avid collector and attends events where people buy and sell interesting plates. I’ve also been to a number of restaurants where old licence plates are part of the decor.

    My Dad always had personalized plates from the time I was pretty young. His initials – ACT – mostly. Originally you had to have someone who could pull strings to get one but eventually states realized there was money to be made in the process. From what I hear, New Hampshire where I live has more personalized plates per capita than most other states. Some of them are very clever and incorporate special symbols on special plates. For example there is the handicap symbol on some and some people I know have plates with that symbol and “& OK” following it. We also have a plate to raise money for conservation that has an image of a moose on it. I have seen one of those followed by “& SQURL” which some of us old enough to remember an old children’s cartoon will find amusing.

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    1. That’s interesting, Alfred. So he was the original ACT? I’ll file that New Hampshire information away in the trivia portion of my brain in case I ever need it!


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