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One of the things that do to try my best to stay current, at least on Twitter, is to check out the “Trends for You” in the sidebar of the web client. When I’m using Tweetdeck, I have a column set to display the trends.

As an aside “Ryan Newman” was trending when I went to bed last night as his status was unknown. He’s still trending this morning and for good news.

Anyway, Twitter lets you set a local option so that you can see what’s happening around you.

But what if you want more than that. Like, say, what’s happening in locales across Canada. It can be done with a little work at the keyboard or you can use the website CanadaTrends for the task.

Just now …

It was interesting to scroll through the page and see what’s the same (actually quite a bit) and what’s different between cities. “Oilers”, for example is hot in Edmonton which makes sense. The geeky in me did take a look at the page source to see just how it was done.

If you want more, check the bottom right and there’s a link to trends worldwide as well as a Twitter account for CanadaTrends.

Since this application is all about location, I was a bit concerned by trackers but Firefox gave it an all-clear.

The site also throws in Google Search trends in Canada for good measure.

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