First off …

Today marks a day of rotating strike action by ETFO members in the following districts:

  • Bluewater
  • Grand Erie
  • Halton
  • Ontario North East
  • Renfrew
  • Superior Greenstone
  • Trillium Lakelands

Details here.

Yesterday was the big day for American Professional Football – the day of the big game between Kansas City and San Francisco.

In addition to the football game, it’s also time that people get excited about watching television commercials. For the longest time, if you watched the game, it was the Canadian broadcast which meant that you might not see the American commercials. But, in 2017, it was determined that this should be changed and so you could watch them. But, that decision was overturned and they’re now unavailable. Details here.

Now, I’m not particularly vested in the topic; I don’t watch the game to watch the commercials. Besides, I know that they’ll likely be repeated over and over again. The exception, I guess would be the infamous 1984 Apple commercial.

My favourite of all time comes from Budweiser.

There are many teachers that use the excitement about new commercials to teach lessons on media literacy and interpretation. You can find a guide with suggestions at websites like this. In addition to the ideas, there are links to some interesting resources, including past Super Bowl commercials.

The one that I’m seeing with all kinds of advanced anticipation is “Loretta” from Google.

For this year, you’ll be able to find the commercials at the advertisers’ websites or perhaps YouTube. But, the NFL itself, recognising the importance of this to some people have devoted this page to a collection of what appeared on television.


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