Whatever happened to …

… Pontiacs?

Happy Groundhog Palindrome Day.

This popped up on my mp3 player…

We saw Belleville’s Amanda and The Wilkinsons at the Harrow Fair a few years ago. It was a great concert and we’ve bought a bunch of their music, including Amanda’s single efforts since.

Anyway, that’s my provocation for this post.

Growing up in a small town, we had one dealership. It was a Chevrolet/Oldsmobile one. Our family vehicles were purchased from the used car lot across the road. I think that the biggest appeal for my dad was the fact that he worked just down the street and so could easily drop it off for an oil change. To look at Pontiacs, you actually had to drive to Goderich where there was a Pontiac/Buick dealership. There was always the sense that those were a more expensive product line even though each built cars on the same frame.

This past summer, my wife and I happened to go to a car show and we saw the dream car of my youth. It was a Pontiac GTO, really well restored and decked out. As a teenager, I always thought that I should have a powerful car. After all, my cousin had a Corvette. Alas, it wasn’t to be. The practicalities of life lead to more reasonable cars, hitting bottom when we had kids and moved into the minivan world. I’ll confess that I really enjoyed my Chevrolet Impala with its landau roof during my university years. Alas, with only two doors, it was the first casualty of me aging.

As we know, General Motors decided to drop the Pontiac brand two decades ago! There went my dreams of a new GTO which might have returned since the oil crisis had come and gone. On the other hand, there still remains a possibility for a Trans-Am, Camaro.

For a Sunday, your thoughts…

  • Did you ever own a Pontiac vehicle? If so, which one?
  • Would the product name survive in today’s society when we’re concerned about the use of First Nations’ names on products? Before you respond, consider that there is one in the Super Bowl later today.
  • What was your first vehicle? (Mine was a Chev Pickup truck which was also branded with a First Nations’ name)
  • What’s your current vehicle?
  • What was/is your favourite vehicle of all time?
  • If you won a lottery, would you buy a new car? If so, what would you buy?

Do you have any vehicle thoughts? As always, I’d enjoy reading them in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. Cars is like an extension of parking. I have to have something to say on this subject. 🙂 I’ve only owned 2 cars in my life: a Honda Civic (which I had for 17 years) and a Honda HRV (which I bought in the past couple of years — https://adunsiger.com/2018/08/11/avivaarriva2-0-becomes-a-third-piece-of-my-5days5words-challenge/). Due to my need to understand the size of the vehicle and how it parks, I would probably stick with the Honda HRV even if I won the lottery. While I can make changes in some areas of my life, cars isn’t one of them. Thanks, as always, for this trip down memory lane!


    PS – Then there is my sister and her husband, who seem to buy a new car every time their current ones need brakes. I’ve lost count of what they’ve owned. To each his/her own when it comes to cars, I guess.


  2. I’m driving a Hyundai Santa Fe right now and I like it. If I won a million dollars I’d likely spend it other things before buying a new car. My favourite car was a Saturn. I forget the model, but it was small and sporty and I had a hard time giving it up. A mechanic botched the oil change and next thing I knew I was on the side of the road with a smoking engine. When I was a younger person (no kids!) I desperately wanted a Ford Mustang. Not sure if I’d buy one now though. I like being higher up.


  3. I enjoyed the song. No Pontiacs in my life though. I grew up in various Fords (my Dad’s dealership). We have been a “Toyota family” for well over a decade now. I think that bothers my Dad still 🙂 We somehow avoided the minivan world as young parents. We have yet to own a SUV but we are doing the homework now with plans of one getting one soon. We are not sure if we will stay “loyal”. See how the test drives go…

    Like Lisa, Ford Mustangs still catch my eye. Hmmm, lottery…


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