I just had to write this post after looking at this product online.

I was a Wolf Cub / Boy Scout and had a slew of Merit Badges. My mom created this long banner and had each of the badges sewn onto it.

I also took a lot of swimming lessons and each of the classes ended with a badge. I always bought a second one. You were supposed to sew them onto your bathing suit but I took the second one and created another banner just for swimming awards.

In both cases, you had to do more than just show up. There were standards for each and every badge and you had to meet or exceed them to get your badge.

So, it’s not necessarily a new concept but you can buy Merit Badges for being an adult. They’re on sale here. If you have mature kids, you might find a use for them.

Then, I thought … what if they made Merit Badges for teachers? Even from the list on the adult category, there are some that could apply.

  • I Tried My Best
  • Minded My Own Business
  • On Time For Work
  • Responded To Emails
  • Learned Something New
  • Did It Myself
  • Drank Some Water
  • Updated The Software
  • Put Pants On

Whoops! Did I really copy/paste the last one?

Hey, it’s Saturday – we don’t have to be serious. If you were creating a Merit Badge for teachers, what would it say? What would be the standard for earning the badge?


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