voicEd at OLA Superconference #OLASC

First off …

Today marks a day of rotating strike action by ETFO members in the following districts:

  • Greater Essex County
  • Near North
  • Limestone
  • Upper Canada

Details here.

Later this morning at 9:15, like most Wednesday mornings, I will be on voicEd Radio with Stephen Hurley for “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”. All of the previous shows have been saved as Podcasts and are available here.

Normally, I’m in my office area and Stephen is in “The Cave”, an area in the lower level of his house. This will be different since Stephen will be, yes live as per our normal, but from the convention floor of the OLA Superconference.

I’m jealous. If you’ve never been to the OLA Superconference, you’re missing something huge and extra special. I’ve presented there twice – once many, many years ago with Doris Schroeder on the topic of using Hyperstudio in the Library. It was cutting edge at the time and, if you put it onto a timeline, it certainly pre-dates this blog. The other presentation was with Zoe Branigan-Pipe and a couple of teams in The Great OSLA Faceoff, an OSLA Spotlight session. That was during the course of this blog and, of course, I wrote about it!

On our show, we’ve been honoured to have featured blog posts from teacher-librarians in the mix of great writing from Ontario Educators.

I’ve also had the opportunity to interview some of them for this blog. (Click the links above for each) And, of course, Carol Koechin and the UWO Education Library.

So, Stephen will be in the heart of the action with voicEd Radio being there giving teacher-librarians, educators, school library professionals and other librarians the opportunity to share their voice. Beyond that, Stephen is there to accept The OLA Media and Communications Award. That’s such a great honour to recognize everything that he’s done to present libraries and librarians in a constructive light, breaking down stereotypical images often associated with the profession.

It’s not Stephen’s first visit to the conference.  He was there live last year as well.

And, we’re going to do our show in the midst of all this. We’ll be featuring blog posts from these great Ontario Edubloggers.

  • Melanie White – @White Room Radio
  • Joan Vinall-Cox – @joanvinallcox
  • Lisa Corbett – @LisaCorbett0261
  • Joel Mclean – @jprofnb
  • Diana Maliszewski – @MzMollyTL

All this with a guest host – Diana Maliszewski on site with Stephen. It should be a good show and lots of fun.

I hope that you can listen live or later via the podcast. And, if you’re at the OLA Superconference, grab a chair and join Diana and Stephen and chip in live.


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