Whatever happened to …

… digital snowflakes?

Sometimes, geeks do things just because we can.

It was probably 10 years or so ago when I last did this. There was this big deal to have snowflakes come down from the top of the screen on your website. Typically, this happened in December to celebrate winter, Christmas and just outright geekery.

We weren’t using the same web tools that we have today. Web pages were created from scratch using a text editor or later a tool like Dreamweaver or Netscape’s Composer. We weren’t afraid of hard coding everything that appeared when you visited our website. Actually, we had no other option.

Someone, somewhere had written code to make it snow on their screen. So, we were off to “reveal source” and borrow the code for our own webpages. Since we had the actual code, it was easy to tweak for a different purpose or different effects.

I remember a particular challenge that I never solved. While the snow as falling on the screen, if you happened to click on a snowflake while aiming for a link, the link wouldn’t work. It was layered behind the snow. One of the things that we had a bit of fun with was making the web page unusable by coding a “blizzard”. Why? Just because we could.

I never could figure out how to ignore the snowflake layer and make the link work regardless. I didn’t spend huge amounts of time trying to figure it out but, quite honestly, I did devote some time to it.

For a Sunday morning, your wintery thoughts as we recover from a tremendous rainstorm. (at least it isn’t snow …)

  • do you recall the days of visiting snowy websites?
  • did you ever code snowflakes on a webpage?
  • have you run into a website in your recent travels that is snowing?
  • would you consider the concept cool or annoying?
  • what other features have you seen that you would consider annoying and should be stopped?

As always, I’d be interested in your thoughts. Please share them in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. I have a WordPress page that snowed. It is where I was working on publishing my grandma’s journals for the family. I haven’t checked it in a while, but last December it was snowing! I have no idea how to code it. It was just an option to add on. Did you try to add the code to this post??


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