Cheering for the crab

Yesterday, I did one of my least favourite things – went to the dentist. The good news is that I had no issues. I got them cleaned, polished, and then I was on my way.

But what would any visit to a doctor or dentist be without a long wait in the waiting room? A long time ago, I would have leafed through an old magazine. A short time ago, I would check things out on my smartphone.

Things were different today. Business must be good because, in the waiting room, there was a huge Samsung television/monitor tacked onto the wall. It wasn’t there a year ago at my last visit.

The image was huge and crisp. And I mean HUGE. There was no model number on the front but it had to be in the 70-80 inches category. There were at least five chairs side by side under it. I’d have to take something off an existing wall if it was ever to land at our place. I remember thinking that if my blog was on that screen, people could read it from the other side of the parking lot!

I suppose they could have displayed some news channel or a weather network but those that come to the dentist aren’t there for that sort of thing. Despite all the times that I’ve been to one, there’s always that nagging feeling that this will be the visit where they find a cavity. I’m guessing the logic is that something soothing is required.

So, they had an aquarium running on it. The people in the chairs were there staring at the digital fish as they swam back and forth. I watched for a while and made a point of finding that aquarium when I got home. After all, it was playing from YouTube. How hard could it be?

Actually, it was quite difficult. Try it for yourself – go to YouTube and search for aquarium and marvel at the number of results.

But I did it. Fortunately, the author had left a signature cat in the bottom right corner. That made it a bit easier. As it turns out, there’s a whole YouTube channel.

I will say; there are a LOT of good aquariums there. It must have been difficult to decide which one to use for their purpose. As it would turn out, when I finally did get in to visit the dentist, there were a number of displays throughout the office with more aquariums running. I guess nothing succeeds like success. Or, it does at least in their minds.

As I was waiting though, it was interesting to hear the conversations. For me though, I wasn’t watching the fish. You see, in the video, there’s a crab who is trying to capture any fish that happened to swim close enough. I know – probably not very helpful in regulating one’s feelings before sitting in the chair.

But I found that at least gave me something to do during my half hour plus wait. I was cheering for the crab and throwing a bit of body language its way as if to help.

I kept thinking that watching the crab would totally freak out any little kid who happened to be watching! I came to the conclusion that it must be tough to be a crab or the one that was in the movie was deliberately inept.

It also got me into a little bit of learning. In the bottom left corner, the resolution of 2560×1440 was displaying and it identified itself as WQHD. I’ve got to check out the pricing next time I’m at a suitable store. It’s never too early to start dropping ideas for my birthday.


6 thoughts on “Cheering for the crab

  1. Doug, you have me wondering here. We always have a Brain Break after cleaning up each day. It’s a good opportunity to breathe and find a little stillness. Our kids love ocean life, and we often put on an under the sea video to provide some background music and visuals for the Brain Break. I looked at this aquarium. I love the quiet background music and all of the wonderful fish. I bet our kids would love it. I don’t think many would notice, or be bothered, by the crab. Now I just might have to show this to find out.



  2. That sounds great, Aviva. It reminded me of screensavers from the past! If you do give it a try, let us know how it goes, please.


  3. Cool! As I often say, “What’s NOT on YouTube?”. I will have to tell my dentist about this. There used to be a real aquarium in the waiting room and I think it is missed by many. There is a modest sized screen in the room currently and fish would be more interesting than ads…


  4. I think that there’s a trend away from real aquarium for maintenance reasons. Also, for people tapping the glass and kids looking for a snack. This might be a soothing way to prepare for the inevitable.


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