Whatever happened to …

… waterbeds?

Good question and thanks Alfred Thompson for suggesting it.

At one time they were the big thing and now poof they are gone.

I think he nailed it with that one sentence.

They were indeed a big thing and I can remember checking them out at a store devoted to them once. Kind of pricey and you were forbidden for randomly trying them out. Maybe if you were serious about a purchase?

But, in recent times, I’ve haven’t seen one. We have a local traditional mattress manufacturer and our latest purchase was from there. Big display floor; no waterbeds.

But, apparently, they are still available for purchase on Wayfair.

I’ve never owned one. Actually, I’ve never had the desire to own one. But, I slept on one once.

For years, our summer holidays involved dropping the kids off at their grandparents and then my wife and I heading off separately to have our own week of holidays. Typically, we would go to Niagara Falls since there was so much to do there and we really enjoyed the Christmas Store even though it was so warm out in mid-July.

As per our usual, we would check into a hotel on Lundy’s Lane and use that as ground zero for our daily explorations. One year, we decided to get a room with a waterbed – just to try it out. It was more expensive but we were worth it. The bed didn’t have water channels in it. It was just one big bladder and it was so full that it kind of bulged up in the middle. Finally, a chance to try a water bed!

Carefully, I crawled on; I was picturing what kind of mess it would be if I punctured it so I was slow and cautious. It took a bit but finally the rocking motion subsided. At that point, it was just a bed. There was touristy stuff to do so off we went.

When we returned, it was lights out.

But not quite a peaceful sleep. When either of us rolled over or even moved, the water did too. I’ve been on a cruise ship but I think this was the closest I’ve been to being sea sick on a bed. I distinctly remember being angry with the situation and not being able to sleep so had rolled onto my side quickly and smashing my elbow into the wood bed frame that went all around the bed. Hurt, Pain, Ouch!

Fortunately, there was a chair and footstool in the room to help me get through the night. Such was my waterbed experience. It’s not a great story.

How about you?

  • Do you own a waterbed?
  • Have you ever owned a waterbed?
  • I have no doubt that the one that we had in Niagara Falls would have been “first generation” and that the technology improved. Do you think the channelled bed would be better?
  • Have you ever seen a waterbed for sale in a store near you recently?
  • Have you ever slept on a waterbed? Any experiences to share?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I’m sure that Alfred will enjoy reading them. (me too)

If you have any ideas for a future post, let me know or just add it to this Padlet. I like this Sunday feature and the number of people that are attracted for content or maybe just curious about the nondescript blog title.

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4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. I never had a water bed, but my sister did. Once, for some reason, I needed to sleep on it. My experience was much like yours — no surprise, as I get so very seasick in boats. I could never understand why someone would want that motion while trying to sleep. Wonder if that’s why they lost their popularity. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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  2. My aunt and uncle passed theirs to me after a few years. They got a new one! I loved it. My room was in the basement and I had the ability to turn the heater up on high! (Or sleep in a cold bed in the summer.)

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