Canadian? Clipart

My friend Alfred Thompson tagged me about this resource.

I think we all think of CIRA as the registry for Canadian domains like, oh I don’t know, I registered it some time ago and it points to my Google Site. I probably should get it redirected to this blog which is where I do most of my things these days.

So, CIRA has a section of free-to-use clipart that focuses on content that you might figure ties into the typical stereo-type Canadian. There’s even a section devoted to Ketchup Potato Chips. That’s one of the ongoing links that I have to Alfred; I always bring a couple of tins of Pringles to places where i know Alfred and my paths will cross. Ketchup Potato Chips are scarce south of the border although Alfred say that they do show up periodically at his grocery store in New Hampshire.

I guess it’s a natural. New Hampshire shares a small international border with Canada in a part of Quebec east of Sherbrooke. After a quick scan with Google Maps, there appears to be one border crossing location. Who knows? Maybe those who cross the border do so to get Ketchup Potato Chips. Or Tim Horton’s coffee. Or poutine. Or toques? Or moose? Or, well there’s a list of Canadian stereotypes in a pull down search on the CIRA Gallery page.

So, if you needed an image of two people, a laptop, and a bowl of chips, you’re covered.

Photo by CIRA/.CA

All that they are asking for the use of the images is credit and a link back.

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  1. Poutine gets easier to find as one goes north in New Hampshire. There is one restaurant we go to in Bartlett NH just because they have good poutine. I really do appreciate the chips you bring me.


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