Whatever happened to …

… a bunch of things?

This week, something just a bit different. I was out for a dog walk and my iPod dialed up this classic from Tim McGraw.

It’s called “Back When” and is just in step with our Sunday theme. Click play and enjoy it!

The complete lyrics is located here but I’ll include the chorus for the purpose of this post.

Back when a hoe was a hoe

Coke was a Coke

And crack’s what you were doing

When you were cracking jokes

Back when a screw was a screw

The wind was all that blew

And when you said I’m down with that

Well it meant you had the flu

I miss back when

I miss back when

I miss back when

For today, how about a little analysis of this?

There are some now and then uses of words in this song. Care to explain where the current use came from? If you’re ambitious, there’s lots in the complete song.

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  1. Doug, I’m not exactly doing what you asked, but I totally love this song. Now you have me humming it instead of heading back to bed. 🙂



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