A tales of two cities

Unlike the other professional football league, the Grey Cup isn’t a place to launch new commercials.  For many, they anticipate actually watching what’s new.  I guess everyone’s looking for something to compete with that Apple commercial from 1984.

In education, studying those commercials tend to be a big moment for media literacy.

Sunday morning, I had made my Grey Cup prediction and I was actually correct.  This doesn’t happen all that often and the Blue Bombers were certainly the underdogs.  Of course, the skeptics out there could say that I edited it after the game to be right.  You’ll have to take my word for it; I was actually in bed to watch the fourth quarter.

Once I saw the Cup presentation (it’s always impressive to see the Mounties in their dress red uniforms), I hit the sack.

This morning, I took a quick read of newspapers to see how it was reporting.  I started in Hamilton since I knew the URL of the community newspaper.  With apologies to those from Winnipeg, I had to search for yours.



A little one-sided?  I guess it’s easier to come up with stories and insights if you’re a winner.  This didn’t escape Lisa Corbett.

As luck would have it, I was in a little online discussion with Lisa Corbett and Aviva Dunsiger about this exact thing.  If you can’t have media literacy about commercials, how about the coverage of the game itself?

What about some neutral reporting?


So, ladies, indeed there is a wonderful opportunity for media literacy.

How about for learning?  All you had to do was watch the third quarter to experience Keith Urban learn about the CFL while watching his first ever game!

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