Schedule me a Tweet

For me, this has been a long time coming.

I like using Tweetdeck and it has the ability to schedule a Twitter message sometime in the future. I use that technique all the time. The first #FollowFriday message is always created and scheduled on Thursdays to appear Friday at 5:00am in conjunction with a blog post. On Wednesday, I’ll send out a message about the voicEd Radio show and it goes out at 9:00am.

In neither case, am I sitting at a keyboard ready to click as the clock strikes the hour! There are other times when I’ll space a Twitter message out during the day for whatever reason. I’ve just blown my excuse for an alibi.

All of this gives the illusion that I’m terribly organized! <grin> Ditto for blog posts, they are written well in advance and scheduled for 5:00am daily or 5:00pm on Sundays.

But back to Twitter.

The problem with Tweetdeck is that there is a lot of scripting that goes on to make it work. That can be brutal on a Chromebook with its lesser powered processor. It’s not to blame either, I’ll point the finger at myself. I have all kinds of columns with lists and searches that are constantly at work. So, I do find myself waiting for the computer to catch up with me. The worst part is that I need the scheduling feature that Tweetdeck offers at times.

So, it was with great happiness that I read today that Twitter is going to bring scheduling into the plain ol’ web interface. It’s Thursday as I write this post and I just finished Friday’s blog post. The last thing I do is schedule a #FollowFriday post for tomorrow morning and the first one always lists those whose blog posts will appear. I used the new scheduler to make it happen.

I just ask Twitter to start a new message and there was a … in the dialogue box which indicated that I could schedule the message. I just needed to tell it when.

and then the message itself

and I click Schedule and it goes into a queue somewhere to be posted at the appointed time.

Now, I’m writing this on Thursday so the message will appear on Friday and then this post will appear on Saturday bragging about my success.



3 thoughts on “Schedule me a Tweet

  1. Brilliant! Why do I never schedule any tweets or blog posts?! Your post makes me think I need to start, especially with it being an option right through Twitter now. Thanks Doug!



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