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Inspiring educators

It’s Friday morning on the last day of the Bring IT, Together Conference. For the first time in two years, I don’t have the credentials to post to the ECOO website.

But I’ll always have my own blog!

Last year, at the conference, we resurrected something that had gone unaddressed by previous boards. It was the concept of bestowing Life Membership on those builders who had made the organization what it is today. We set in place a procedure to catch up on those builders.

This year’s Board of Directors approved three more individuals to the list. That did make me very happy indeed. It was a very pleasant surprise to be asked to give the awards. Last year, I had asked the vice-president to do this happy task.

David Carruthers

The truly bizarre thing is that Bring IT, Together 2019 is only David’s second conference. He enjoyed it last year but previously had shown off his organizational skills as an organizer for a couple of years for EdCampLDN. He auditioned for the job there for us and we were excited when he said yes. I’ve learned so much about his educational philosophy just by being a regular reader of his blog.

Peter McAsh

Peter and I go way back for sure. Our favourite story was the two of us being excused (Peter calls it being kicked out) from a specialist course in Data Processing and given the chance to submit a major project instead. Peter has been a longtime presenter at ECOO events, on the conference committee, and has served on the Board of Directors most recently as president. If you want to bring memories to him, ask him about the HYPO interpreter than he once wrote.

Peter Skillen

Peter and I go way back, probably further than what either of us are happy to admit in public. Peter has been a philosopher, maker and a personal mentor as long as I’ve known him and has been a driving partner of the Minds on Media event that has always been featured at ECOO events and others throughout the province.

It truly was a humbling experience to recognize these three outstanding gentlemen. They exemplify the best in leadership. I tried my best but those in attendance know that I was unable to hold back my emotions. I just couldn’t imagine the organization without their input.


There was a happy, happy bonus to this experience.

Alison Baron

Officially, Alison was recognized last year but she was unable to attend the conference. Happily, she did this year and so we recognized her in front of the Annual General Meeting. Alison has long been a leader and a person I’ve worked with in her time at Thames Valley. As a resource for eLearning in Ontario, there was no better person to have on speed dial.


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  2. all well-deserved recognition. Do you count as an honorary Peter because of being Peterson?


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