Last minutes decisions

Yesterday’s post just went out and I’m starting to think about packing and then heading east to Niagara Falls. There’s no rush (at least on my part) and I think that it bothers the farm girl that I married. You know “get up with the cows and get moving”. Heck, I haven’t even walked the dog yet. “I’ll walk him”.

My biggest computer decision is always how to carry it/them. I could go backpack or I could take my pull bag. Since I end up really with a mobile office since I need two computers for my show with Stephen Hurley tomorrow, I’ll probably end up with the pull bag. Both of them have certainly had mileage pulled on them. It’s always fun to see what’s left in them from the last outing. In this case, it would have been to Phoenix in July. I just found my portable battery pack. I wondered where that went.

The check list is always interesting. No matter what; the most important part of all of this is remembering to bring the charger for the computer, watch, and phone. Without them, I’m a digital fish out of the water. Ah, there’s my boarding pass and my paper receipts. I’m starting to realize that this thing is really a storage locker between conferences.

Just remembered – I haven’t imported my conference calendar into my personal calendar yet – OK, I’m back. I wonder if I’m going to change my mind once I get there.

Then there’s the clothes. The key is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the event. It’s going to be cool so I’ll need a coat. Hopefully, the conference centre is going to be a comfortable 20 or 21. I hope that I pack enough socks. A major catastrophe happened here last week when our washer bit the dust. The new one doesn’t arrive until Thursday so I’ve been frugal with socks. I pointed out that the cool kids don’t wear socks but I was told that I’m not cool.

And then there’s the shaving bag and the last minute inspection.

“Do you have your razor packed?” No, I haven’t even shaved yet today. “OK, well don’t forget to pack it and shaving cream”. We have the same routine every time and the same conversation about not going off the grid. I’m pretty sure there’s a drug store or two in Niagara Falls in case the worst happens. How did I get this far in life anyway? I have this process; as I do my regular morning routine, I pack. It makes sense to me.

Dog walk.

And I’m back. A cool morning, to be sure. After reading Diana Maliszewski’s blog post earlier this morning, we made extra sure that we were well off the road into the gravel.

And the suitcase is on the bed. Is she trying to get rid of me? <grin>

I should be ready to “head east” in a bit. I had purchased my poppy the other day only to be unable to find it yesterday so had to head out to buy another one. As I got out of the car, I found it on the floor. Seatbelts and poppies don’t get along. In the process, my low air pressure light came on so there was a bit of making that right.

It’s all starting to fall into place nicely. I still have some traditions to observe when in the region – buy some Picard’s peanuts, visit Brock’s monument, enjoy the Niagara Parkway, stop at a winery or two, and then some personal things. It’s going to be a great week.

I hope to see you there; I hope to make some new connections; I hope to learn lots.


6 thoughts on “Last minutes decisions

  1. Haha! Thanks for some morning laughs as I read about your packing routine! I hope you had a good trip to Niagara Falls, and I’m excited to learn along with you and others thanks to Twitter. Missing you there! Have a fabulous time!



  2. No me, either, Aviva, and while I feel it’s the right decision, it’s kind of killing me this morning. Thanks for the grin this morning, Doug. I, too, like excavating the last conference when I get the big bag out! Have a great week. Say “hi” to Sir Isaac for me.


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