My Week Ending 2019-11-03

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week.

  • This whole notion of surveillance in schools comes in the category of “You can do it but should you do it”.
  • I’m not so sure that it’s a surprise to me that I want fries with my Quarter Pounder with Cheese but …
  • I like the fact that we’re talking about reviving technology rather than replacing it.
  • This is so true. We’ve kind of lost appreciation for knowing the subject area. There should be a nice balance of the two.
  • I knew of some of these structures designed by women but not all. It was a humbling experience to read.
  • So, yeah, where was Doug Ford during the election? Can dislike for one man translate into dislike for the entire party? Some thought so.
  • There had to be more than just these four apps that were crashing Google Chrome. I don’t have any of them but was a victim.
  • Another story of following students in school. Back in my day, you wrote the time in and out on the blackboard. That was embarrassing enough.
  • Most certainly, this Soviet subway looks nowhere near the TTC that I used for transportation for a year.
  • There are web solutions and then there are local applications that you can install on Linux to do flowcharting. Also available for Macintosh and Windows.
  • I find it amazing that school districts will pay to bring in a highly paid speaker to talk about collaboration when they haven’t been in a class in years or whatever and ignore the wisdom of its own teachers.
  • A revisit to discover “what school librarians make“. If you’ve been paying attention, you know what they make.
  • There is a great deal of good advice in here about running or biking with headphones. But, more importantly, learn the rules of the road.
  • I’ve always maintained that you should just delete everything every now and again. If it was important, they’ll get back to you.

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Technology Troubleshooting

Sometimes, I feel like I’m living in the 20th Century.

I still have caps on my internet access. This translates into watching the data accumulate and make sure that I don’t run out.

This month had some big updates to Macintosh (twice) and my Chromebook. Add that to the Wednesday voicEd radio shows and it does get a bit of touch and go at the end of the month.

If I lived somewhere were there were other options, I’d opt for those unlimited plans that Netflix fanatics have.

There is a promise; my mayor told me the end of the summer. We’re a little past that so I’m just biding my time.

Video of the Week

No wall needed here.

Photo of the Week

Chicano’s Tacos and Tequila in town where my daughter works – decked out for Día de los Muertos. According to her, she did all the decking.

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Whatever happened to …

… steamer trunks?

Thanks to Sheila Stewart and her husband for this suggestion.

My husband and I were discussing if we should keep our old steamer trunk (not sure what happened to mine, but the one we have is his). Then we wondered when/why people stopped travelling with them and then I wondered if you would like it for topic for “whatever happened to…”. I took one on the train for my second year at univ. Was it air travel or the use of suitcases that really changed the use of them? We store stuff in ours now and display pictures on it. Any memories/interest for you?

And, of course, it has memories for this old movie fan.

In the movies, there seemed to be two ways that people travelled. The very poor jumped onto trains as they slowed down or stopped in small communities. If they were taking clothes of things with them, they were put into bags and thrown onto the train as they jumped on board.

The very rich travelled by cruise ship and had their fancy clothes and belongings packed into a “steamer trunk” and typically had two people working for the ship lines who would carry it on board for them.

For the rest of the population (where we probably fall), carrying clothes never seemed to be an issue or something that made it into any movie that I recall.

Inspired by Sheila’s suggestion, I’ll admit that I was quite surprised that they are still a thing and can be purchased.’s collection can be found here. There doesn’t seem to be anything on though.

Zeitblick [CC BY-SA 4.0 (

And, my brother and I actually had one of these. No, we weren’t world travellers. Somehow our family had one and we used it to store our comic books. It never went travelling during our time owning it!

Nowadays, trunks like this – well worn – are the type of things that show up at flea markets or antique shows. I can’t think of where I’d seen them anywhere else. So, Sheila and husband, you might have something that might be of value.

For a Sunday, your thoughts…

  • do you own a steamer trunk?
  • did you own one in your past?
  • was Sheila right? Did airplanes kill the steamer trunk?
  • the modern equivalent would be the suitcase, a common university or wedding gift. They come in sets which always seems like overkill. We had a set of four but only ever used one, maybe two of the cases. Do you own and use a complete set of suitcases?
  • for a long time now, suitcases have come with wheels to make bringing them with you easier. Do you have a suitcase with wheels? Do they change your opinion of escalators?
  • I suspect that those people who still have a steamer trunk use them for purposes other than the original. Do you have one and what do you use it for?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t worry about dating yourself; I certainly did.

Got an idea for a future post? Send it to me. We all have great memories to relive.

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