Bad week for updates

Yesterday, I shared my frustration with an upgrade on my Macintosh computer.  It was self-inflicted; I could have elected not to install it but I did anyway.  Sadly, I had another similar experience.

No, I don’t own two MacBook Pro computers.  This time it was with my Chromebook.  The update process is different.  For security, updates come through in the background and a restart will put the new version in place.

Now, a bit of a confession here.  I run the Chromebook on the Beta channel.  Why?  When I first got the computer, that was the only way that you could run Android applications on it.  I’ve just never changed to Stable.  I’m also not gutsy enough to move to the Canary channel.

A while back there was an issue where putting the Chromebook to sleep would cause either Chrome OS to crash or the laptop to decide to just turn itself off.  There were lots of people in a similar boat when I went looking to the help boards.  So, I just put up with things and eventually an update came that fixed it.  Life on that computer went along smoothly.

Until recently!

The symptoms have returned; this time with the worst possible description – intermittently!  Now, if I had really fast internet access, it probably wouldn’t be an issue but I keeps a few tabs permanently pinned for time saving purposes (My Blog, Email, Twitter, Flipboard, News 360) and they take a couple of minutes to reload upon things shutting down.  For the other tabs, I’m pretty good about using One Tab which tucks them away saving memory and room in the tab bar.

I was excited about Chrome OS 78 – there promises to be some pretty helpful features.

Right now, working my way through things is taking a while with the intermittent crashes.  You know the worst part?  I can actually force a crash by launching the option to report a problem.  How’s that for irony.

So, I’ll wait for a fix on this computer too!

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5 thoughts on “Bad week for updates”

  1. Doug, I guess I couldn’t have avoided this update. As for the different channels, I didn’t even know that there were options. You always teach me something new. Now to just hope that all of your update woes are resolved soon!



  2. This is what happens when marketing overrulls engineering. A constant problem in the tech industry. You’re think companies would learn but they don’t.


  3. I’m surprised you had problems with the Chromebook. Normally they’re pretty bulletproof.

    What’s the appeal of the Beta channel? I’d rather have a machine that just works, with no hiccups.

    WIll tomorrow’s post be about your Linux machine? 🙂


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