Whatever happened to …

… Tommy Hunter?

Otherwise known as Canada’s Country Gentleman.

I happened to have the Country Classics channel on the other day as I was doing some work and I heard a voice that I hadn’t heard for a long time. I looked over to see it was Tommy Hunter. Wow, that goes back.

So often, when you get a memory like that and look it up, the results are kind of sad. Not in this case.

According to Wikipedia, his active years entertaining us go from 1956-2012. And he has a website here.

Just poking around and reading the information was great and certainly brought back of listening to the Tommy Hunter Show with the family.

It was interesting to see how he was honoured but one thing I didn’t know was that there’s a Tommy Hunter Way in London, Ontario. I was in London just this past week and was only a few blocks away!

Who knew? Certainly not me and I get a kick from learning something new as a blogger.

For a Sunday, your thoughts …

  • Did you listen to the music from the Tommy Hunter show?
  • Did you know about Tommy Hunter Way? I’d hate to think I was the only one!
  • What other street or freeway can you think of that has been named after a famous Canadian? Around here, the Herb Gray Parkway and Bruce Crozier Way come to mind.
  • I hope you had a chance to play that Youtube video above. Have you heard that song before?
  • I’m trying to think of a show that’s focused on a single musical act these days and I’ve got nothing. Can you think of one?

As always, I enjoy reading your comments so please take a moment to add them below.

This is a regular Sunday feature on this blog. You can find all of the past posts here.

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6 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. I’m a huge country music fan, but have not heard of Tommy Hunter. I loved the song. I may need to look up a few more. Thanks Doug!



  2. My mom watched the show quite regularly, so I would catch some of it too. He always had such a positive vibe.
    I am trying to remember if I knew about Tommy Hunter Way… but I only lived in London for 6 years.
    We have Paul Schaffer Drive in Thunder Bay, of course.
    I will have to think on others…


  3. Oh, I’m so old. Of course I watched Tommy Hunter! I grew up in London – I think I may have even met him once, when I was small. There’s a street named after the Hip in Kingston, and one named after Gord Downie as well.


  4. Hi Doug!

    Oh yes, I remember Tommy Hunter. The title of the theme song, Travelin’ Man, didn’t sound familiar to me, but as soon as the song had run for a couple of bars, I realized why. The face of Tommy Hunter wasn’t what was on the screen while the title song was playing back in the day. Instead, I immediately recalled images of Tommy Hunter walking and carrying his guitar — wandering, as it were. I just went to YouTube to see if I could find something like that, but no. I remember it being really 70s-ish film stock, so maybe it was from early in the show’s run. Anyone else remember that?

    As for highways named after famous people, what comes to mind is the James Snow Parkway near Milton. I think he was minister of transportation when I first got my drivers license. I remember his signature at the bottom. A few years after would’ve been the first time I noticed the sign while driving to down Toronto. I also remember that there was a tanker that caught fire at one point on the 401 beneath the overpass, causing considerable damage and requiring significant repair. All that long in the past.

    TV has changed since we were young. I remember sketch comedy/musical shows like Sonny and Cher, Donnie and Marie, The Hudson brothers — the shows revolved around musical stars but were more than just music. These days, I think the closest we get are hopefuls presenting in front of a panel of judges — whether it’s talent, dancing, or an entrepreneur trying to sell their idea to the Dragons or Sharks. Somehow, not the same.


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