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I don’t know that I ever was really excited about the assistants that are available for use. Of particular interest was the Google Assistant.

Who hasn’t heard the “OK Google” as someone activates it on a device.

And, who could forget the infamous Burger King commercial.

I wasn’t terribly excited when Chromebooks started having the ability to use the assistant in Version 77. But, I’m going to change my mind.

Now, I’m not sure that I’m going to use the voice ability. A lot of the time, whenever I talk, the dog interprets it as “Let’s go for a walk”. But there’s another way to activate the assistant. Just use the shortcut key Search+A and a window pops up over top of your screen where you can do an immediate search.

OK, now this is a simple example. I mean I could just look out the window or listen to the rain on the roof. But, there’s a bigger advantage for me.

Often, when working I’ll need to research something and will open a new tab. By the time that I get to that tab, I’ll have forgotten what I was going to look for. Don’t judge me – it happens to you too.

But, allowing the assistant to overlay my existing screen, I can seize the moment. Believe it or not, once this revelation hit me, I use it all the time.

Best. Timesaver. Ever.

I just went into the settings and turned off the vocal response.

It’s working great for me.

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