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I like to read about the latest in privacy and security. I’m amazed at the ways that the bad guys try to do things to try and invade our digital lives..

So, this morning, I happened to read this article.

Spammers Targeting Google Calendar: What to Do

I’m sure that you, like me, get a bunch of spam messages that come along and Gmail does a pretty good job of catching them. This was a new angle – attacking your calendar by injecting advertising?

I flipped over to my calendar and, sure enough, there were some messages that had been added. Something about having won an iPhone or something. Of course, I didn’t click to read more. Who knows what the destination of that link might bring.

But I was impressed that the spammer didn’t use an apostrophe to show plurals.

I had the previous article open in another tab so I went in, followed the instructions, and made the change.

I flipped back to the calendar and the invitation was gone.

Or, was it?

I went back to the settings and got rid of the setting that prevented displaying the invitation and then back to the calendar. It’s back. The setting apparently only stops it from being displayed.

Back I went to stop it from being displayed. Out of sight, out of mind.

This was a new twist for me. Of course, the cardinal rule about not clicking unfamiliar links still applies. Maybe now more than ever.

That cleaned out the invitations in my Google Calendar on the desktop. However, Calendar on the phone still showed them. I tried refreshing the calendar but the events remained. I looked for the routine I had followed above but those options weren’t available on the phone. Grrrrr.

So, I opened one of the invitations and noted that it was a recurring invitation. My solution was to delete this and all of the recurring events.

Of course, a ran a virus and malware scan afterwards and got no notifications.

I figure that, if it could happen to me, it could happen to a lot of people. Hopefully, the coders will start to identify these as spam and keep them away from everyone’s calendars.

Make the bad guys move on.

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