Get it but don’t use it

As I’ve been doing my reading this past couple of days, there’s been a common theme running through the Apple category that I have bookmarked. The stories are along this theme.

17 Of The Best Reactions To Apple Saying Their “Apple Card” Shouldn’t Touch Leather Or Denim

Now, I wasn’t likely to apply for yet another credit card and this isn’t going to encourage me to change my mind.

So, where do you keep your credit card? For me, it’s in my wallet. My wallet is made from leather. Uh oh.

When one of my kids offers to fill up the car with gas, I’ll lend them my credit card and where do they put it? In their blue jeans. Uh oh 2.

I’ve always got a kick from seeing people using their Macintosh computers when I go to places like Bring IT, Together and they have purchased add-on plastic covers for their computer. So much for using the slimmest computer on the market. I’m sure that, if Apple actually made a touch screen, they’d buy some after-market screen cove too!

It’s always been passed off as Apple products being a sign of prestige. In my case, I haven’t swallowed the Kool-Aid. My Macbook Pro looks like someone ran over it with winter tires containing studs. Aluminum does scratch without that protect case, I guess. I will confess to keeping a micro fibre cloth with me to keep the screen clean. I do enjoy a clean computer screen.

But, to get a credit card and then have to get a manual to keep it clean? I had to read the instructions. This is indeed a thing and not made up.

Is this the new norm? Or just another addition to the “Think Different” strand. (which a friend of mine called “Think Stupid”)

If it is, I’m going to have issues with Visa and Mastercard. I’ve truly warn them out and had to replace them because they’ve become cracked or broken in two because of use or being sat on. And, they do have a home in my leather wallet; the newest one has RFID protection.

If people let their Apple credit card get discoloured, would it be declined?

So, I don’t know. Will there be entrepreneurs that come up with a pouch to carefully carry your card? Maybe something like this?

Of course, it would have to come in designer colours.

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