An interesting graphic utility

I love it when I learn something new and I did this past week. One of the blog posts that was featured on voicEd Radio’s This Week in Ontario Edublogs came from Lynn Thomas.

What I learned, in addition to her fabulous writing, was a new utility for creating engaging graphics. Usually, I’ll use Photoshop or The Gimp of Canva but I’m interested now in You see, Lynn created and shared this graphic.

I’m one of those people who don’t always include graphics in my posts because, for me, it needs to be meaningful and convey a message to support the message that I’m sharing.

In this case, Lynn was talking about “light” and used this tool to create the graphic above. It really resonated with me and certainly supported the message in her blog post.

It’s on my play around with list and just might be used to create some content for the future. It certainly embeds nicely and easily into WordPress.

Thanks, Lynn.

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