Saving things

I had a question posed to me today about curating the content for my Friday posts. It’s an ongoing thing that happens as I do regular reading throughout the week. The problem is that I like to have a number of posts and yet I don’t find them all in a single sitting. It may take close to a week to find what I’d like to include in the post.

In the beginning, I tried a number of ways to save them until I wrote the actual post on Thursday.

  • saved into a Google Document
  • saved into Google Keep
  • saved into OneNote
  • saved right into a new WordPress post

All worked well and got the job done. The only problem was that I’d have to go looking for them and bring them forward while creating the actual post. I thought that there had to be a better way. The easiest way was just to leave the blog post open in its own tab and then pull things together for the post. It had the added advantage of being open to look at and discuss during the Wednesday voicEd Radio show.

The only problem is that I have this bad habit of leaving a lot of tabs open! In addition to the blog posts, I have other things that I want to read or re-read or work my way through. It got really messy. So messy, in fact, that there are times when my computer just became very sluggish because of the demands on memory.

I changed my tactics. Why not look for a way to just manage tabs better. So, off I went and tried a number of different extensions. To make things difficult, the solution had to work on Chrome, Opera, Brave, and Firefox because, well just because. Regular readers know why.

I ended up using OneTab and it has been a really good solution for me. It basically sits as an icon in my browser and I have it configured to collapse all of my unpinned tabs into, ready for it?, one tab in my browser.

It’s just a click away.

Additional options appear here

And, it’s configurable too.

The configurability put it over the top for me. It’s now part of my regular routine; it’s been a “temporary” bookmarking tool for me. My “permanent” tool is Diigo.

Back to my routine, when it comes time to write the blog post, I just go to my OneTab tab, find the post I want, click on it and it’s ready to go in its own tab.

It’s just that easy and configurable.

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