There is good after all

This morning, I did my regular online routine. I fired up Twitter to see if there were any messages, notifications and direct messages and acted on them as necessary.

Then, as always, I looked to see what was trending.

It’s my way to find out what’s new, current, and interesting in Canada. It’s a first step before going to look for news from other sources. This is what I saw.

Whaaaa? The #CNTower is trending?

What would your reaction be?

Mine certainly wasn’t that something positive happened. We live in a world where we’ve come to expect the worst. I was fearful

But then, I became happy.

Nothing bad had happened. In fact, it was a good news item with lots of tourists and locals sharing images from this outstanding landmark.

Here’s a great one.

I kicked myself for my thoughts and worries.

Then, I went through and enjoyed many of the images that had been shared. It really is a wonderful photo-opportunity and I was so impressed with the various angles and moods of the tower as it shows off its nighttime colours.

Then, I went on to discover the joys of being left-handed.

OTR Links 08/14/2019

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