Hot, hot, hot

It’s certainly been a warm, even hot, summer so far. I can’t recall another time where the number of days has had the humidex into the 40s like this summer.

So, is it a trend?

From the BBC, you’ll need to check out this interesting resource.

First of all, spin the globe to get a sense of what the heat is in terms of a global perspective. Then, you might want to zero in on your section of the world.

On a scale of cold to hot, the immediate visual sets the stage.

For a little history closer to home, select a country and then a city. I checked out Canada and the closest location was Kitchener. I also looked at the United States and Detroit since it’s much closer.

The historical data and interpretation may cause you to take a few minutes to pause but I suspect that the interpretation is what you would be suspecting. I like how the raw data gets translated into a trending line when you wait a moment or two.

For the classroom, the best, medium, and worse case scenarios will make for interesting discussions and extra research.

You might want to tuck this resource away for use once the school year starts.

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